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PizzaMarketplace.com is the premier online destination for C-level pizza executive leadership seeking cutting-edge intelligence for their multiunit restaurant concepts. Our coverage seeks to unearth trends before they manifest, and teach executives through the words and experiences of their colleagues, via cutting-edge editorial, industry leader-penned blogs and our yearly face-to-face summits. 


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Nicole Troxell

Nicole Troxell’s work has appeared in business, education, technical, and travel publications. She most recently worked as a college English instructor. Her creative nonfiction earned an award from Upstreet, a national literary magazine. 


Brenda Rick Smith

Brenda Rick Smith has more than 20 years of experience as a marketing and public relations professional. Prior to joining FastCasual.com, she invested most of her career telling the story of entrepreneurial non-profit organizations, particularly through social media.

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