OKLAHOMA CITY—In four years working as pizza delivery driver, Thomas Long had never been robbed on the job until the night of April 13.

According to, he was lured to a vacant house by a phone call allegedly placed from the home next door.

When Long rang the doorbell at the vacant home, a man came around from the side and told him to drop everything.

"The guy asked me what my problem was and I looked at him and he had a bat to my face," Long said.

The thief took Long's moneybag, which contained only $10, and fled.

Police traced the phone number given for the pizza order to the house next door, where Mecoh Green, a single mother of four, was asked if she'd ordered pizza. Green said she hadn't, but said she'd gotten a similar order confirmation callback from a Pizza Hut a week before.

Green believes someone is using her phone number to lure pizza delivery drivers to the vacant house next door.



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