MIAMI—A gang of teens hoping to lure a pizza delivery driver into an ambush wound up surrounded by police officers on the night of Feb. 19.

According to the Miami Herald, a Papa John's store received a call for delivery to a fake address where a driver had been robbed a few months prior.

The police were notified and Detective Leo Abad, with pizzas in hand, went to make the delivery. Lying in the back seat of the delivery vehicle and armed with an AR-15 rifle was Lt. David Magnusson on the lookout.

When Abad knocked on the door of the apartment, no one answered, but five young men, ranging in ages from 15 to 17, surrounded Abad. When one of the teens picked up a pipe, nine Miami police officers swooped in.

Five juveniles were arrested and now are facing felony charges of armed robbery, Magnusson said.

"It worked out good; we got all the guys," Magnusson said. "Because of thugs like these, you have good hard-working people who order a pizza and have to wait forever or they can't get it delivered."

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