• Pizza Hut Thailand promises delivered meals are free if not on time

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BANGKOK, Thailand—If Pizza Huts here fail to deliver customers' orders on time, their meals will be free.

According to The Nation, on Dec. 3, the Thai arm of the pizza giant launched its "Hot & On Promised Time or Free" guarantee for customers in Bangkok and surrounding areas.

Promised delivery times depend on the distance to be covered.

"The new service improves our delivery-service potential. And by doing so, we expect our sales to rise by 20 percent," said Panithan Sethabutra, managing director of Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) Co.

Sethabutra said the company would spend Bt60 million (U.S. $15.3 million) on advertising for the new campaign, which will include TV spots and celebrity endorsements. Restaurant and delivery equipment in its 83 stores also will be upgraded, along with delivery-staff uniforms. Delivery staff numbers will grow sharply from 400 to 900.

According to the report, Pizza Hut has 67-percent share of the Thailand delivery market.

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  • minca sukta
    It was my Mom Birthday and I promise her and my dad to order a lunch for both of them.After my only brother can't come to my mom birthday cause of his business I have to do thing for my mom and call her for a wish! believe me I'm a daughter who live in United State and my all my family in Bangkok.That how my story told you guys how The Pizza Hut in Thailand make me disappointed!!! I order on Friday Oct 22 at night online and pick the date to delivery on my mom birthday Sunday Oct 24.After I called her in the next day to remind her not to cook anything also I order a cake from S and P.I call my mom on her birthday again to make her day special and she only got a cake from other company that I paid and no show Pizza Hut delivered! Let you guys know my mom not able to drive and she never did in her life Plus my dad a paralyze.They both not have a food on a special day because of the Pizza Hut mistake something I wonder they should know because I'm a member and after ordered I have my credit card charted already! Hope they know and do something for my mom.So sad I can't call them correctly so this is how I have to telling to you guys.
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