ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- SpeedLine's new version 4.3 POS software includes new capabilities for take-and-bake pizzerias, as well as the ability to run special time-and-day-based promotions.

"Marketing is a huge factor in a restaurant's return on investment from a point-of-sale system," said SpeedLine Marketing Manager Jennifer Wiebe, in a news release. "Time-based pricing is a great example; it allows operators to target a broad range of promotions to increase sales on slow days or during specific times-without having to deal with coupons or discount calculations."

SpeedLine 4.3's take-and-bake features are another direct response to a customer concern.

"Take-and-bake operators have very unique POS needs," said Terry Haan, SpeedLine co-owner and vice president of development. "In addition, we have designed a tool that helps stores with take-and-bake sales to determine whether they can qualify through the USDA to accept food stamps-a step that can increase a store's annual revenues by 5 to 20 percent."

SpeedLine's food stamp qualification tool provides detailed historical data to substantiate a store's application to the USDA, and advance warning of changes in the sales mix that could affect a store's qualification.

SpeedLine 4.3 includes more than 200 enhancements, addressing customer requests for capabilities such as weights on tickets, additional box label printing options, and enhanced intelligent coupon settings. Customer upgrades are scheduled for release throughout the fall.

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