PASCAGOULA, Miss. -- Calling all cars, calling all cars! Be on the lookout for anyone dressed as a six-foot slice of pizza.

According to the Mississippi Press, a "Mr. Slice" costume was lifted from a Pascagoula Papa John's on the night of Aug. 19, after the staff washed it and put it behind the store to dry.

Because the full-body suit -- which bears a large smiley face and is decorated with pizza toppings -- is highly conspicuous, Police Capt. Jamie Hunter said he doubts the alleged thief or thieves will wear it in public.

"Because it's a full-body type of suit, it should stand out," he said. "They're not going to mistake what it is," he said.

Papa John's uses the suit for promotions at its stores and for community events.

According to the report, the costume cost $700.

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