LAWRENCEVILLE, Pa. -- Two teens hoping to rob a pizza delivery driver got a big surprise when they discovered the driver was an undercover police detective.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, an employee of Pesaro's Pizza in Lawrenceville, Pa., called police on Oct. 29, after receiving a suspicious call for a delivery to an address that was the site of an Oct. 3 driver robbery.

Robbery Detective J.R. Smith, along with burglary and narcotics detectives, then cooked up a plan in which narcotics Detective Ed Fallert would suit up as a driver and deliver the pizza.

Fallert and two detectives drove to Pesaro's to pick up the pie and attached a magnetic delivery sign to the undercover vehicle. Four other detectives went to McCabe Street to scout the area.

At 9:25 p.m., Fallert pulled up with the pizza, stepped into the street and saw two teens emerge from hiding places beside two houses and approach the officer. When one of the teens pulled out a gun, the other detectives swarmed the pair.

Both teens ran off, one of them dropping the gun. The detectives chased them down a few blocks away.

The teens are charged only with Tuesday's robbery, but they are suspects in the Oct. 3 robbery. Since they are just 14 and 15, police did not release their names, but said they remain detained in a juvenile corrections facility.

"We're really happy because we're not the only ones who have had delivery guys getting robbed out here," said Mike Glikis, manager of Pesaro's Pizza.

Police are investigating three other robberies of delivery drivers in the area over the past three months.

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