• Pizza Hut waiter jailed for serving up wrong order in India

NEW DELHI -- A Pizza Hut waiter is behind bars after serving up the wrong order. Vasant Vihar was jailed June 21 for allegedly serving a vegetarian customer a dish with chicken, according to The Times of India.

Customer Vasant Vihar, a Hindu, claims the waiter deliberately gave him spaghetti with chicken after he had ordered vegetarian spaghetti, the Times reported.

"The Pizza Hut staff was amused by the entire episode and were surprised as to how in today's world one can create such a fuss and can be so backward and orthodox," Vihar told the paper. Hindus do not eat meat.

The waiter was charged with a deliberate and malicious act.

Viraj Joshi, a Pizza Hut franchisee and CEO of Devyani International, disputes the customer's claims.

"The allegations are completely untrue and fabricated," Joshi said. "This is a clear attempt to tarnish Pizza Hut's reputation."

In May, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Pizza Hut in the United States on behalf of 15 million vegetarians and 1 million Hindus. The lawsuit claimed Pizza Hut falsely promoted its veggie pizza, which contained a beef product in the cheese. Pizza Hut denies the allegations.

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