• Contract conflict may end school pizza fund-raiser

A profitable student fund-raiser at a North Texas high school is in jeopardy because of contractual conflicts over the sale of pizza.

For three years, the seniors at Colleyville Heritage High School, in Colleyville, Texas, have bought pizza from a nearby Papa John's store and resold it on campus during lunch. Paul Meinen, a franchisee of Mr. Jim's Pizza, told the Colleyville school board, that those sales violate the school board-approved contract he has to supply pizza to the school.

The local school board now is mulling over a proposal forbidding students to sell food items on campus that are similar to those sold in campus cafeterias.

Paula Barbaroux, executive director of operational services for the school district, told the Dallas Morning News, "Those vendors are looking for some sort of guarantee that they can sell food and not have to compete with someone else."

Barbaroux said Meinen "felt it wasn't fair for their competitor down the street to come in the back door by way of a student organization ... ."

The fund-raiser, which helps fund the seniors' prom, will be allowed this year, but likely won't be permitted in 2003.

Colleyville junior class president Taylor Rockaway didn't agree with the proposed restriction.

"It's not really fair, but I think we can look elsewhere," said Rockaway.

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