For more than a month, Alexa Robinson -- Pizza Hut's former summer "Twintern" who was hired as an intern to keep up with Pizza Hut fans through @pizzahut on Twitter -- has been working without a job title. After extending a full-time job offer to Robinson, Pizza Hut turned to its Twitter fan base for creative suggestions for her new title. Now, thanks to the help of the loyal followers of @pizzahut, Alexa is finally ready to order her new business cards.
Robinson and the folks at Pizza Hut carefully considered more than 200 submissions, and, after countless hours of debate, finally narrowed it down to their top pick -- the "Tweetologist." @MissKateGordon of Los Angeles submitted the winning entry and will receive free Pizza Hut pizza for a year (in the form of $599 in Pizza Hut gift cards).
"As the new Tweetologist, I want to thank everyone who I have met through Twitter," said Robinson, former Pizza Hut Twintern and new Tweetologist. "It was a lot of fun to see our fans and followers think outside the box, and I can't wait to display my new title on my business card, loud and proud."
Throughout the duration of the "Tweeter's New Title" contest, Pizza Hut reviewed more than 200 submissions. Some of the most creative and out-of-the-box title suggestions included "Sultan of Sauce," "Twitteroni," "Champion of Cheese," "Tweetza Chef," "Tweety Pie," "C Tweet O," "Personal Pan Tweetza" and "Social Media Delivery Driver."

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