Domino's America is introducing its first new product of 2010, also the first since the launch of its overhauled core pizza recipe last December. The Wisconsin 6 Cheese is the first extension to the American Legends specialty pizza line, which showcases iconic tastes from across the country. The pie features tomato sauce and a blend of six cheeses: mozzarella, feta, provolone, cheddar, parmesan and asiago, according to a company statement.   

As with last fall's pizza overhaul, the new product also will usher in new TV spots. The national advertising campaign, which began Oct. 13, aims to show consumers the true source of the 100 percent real cheeses used on all Domino's Pizza products.

Shot on location in Blanchardville, Wis., the campaign focuses on the source of Domino's cheese – America's dairy farms. In the spots, real consumers thinking they are attending a focus group are shocked when the "office building" walls collapse, revealing they are actually in the middle of a dairy farm. The campaign will include a social media component and an interactive site called "Behind the Pizza."

The campaign comes at a time when popular online newsmedia outlets such as The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast have been especially mudslinging toward the limited service restaurant industry, donning “deadliest pizza” lists and even some misinformation regarding Mechincally Separated Chicken and its role in fast food chicken products.

But Domino's vice president of communications, Tim McIntyre, said the campaign wasn't a response to the malestrom. McIntyre doesn't believe pizza is fast food to begin with, and these spots will help convey that.

"Pizza is a made-to-order, customer's choice product, and we don't consider it to be ‘fast food,’” he said. “Fast food is something that's handed to you through your car window and you eat it while you're driving, or it's already sitting there waiting before you even order it. Every pizza chef in the world would tell you that what they make is the opposite of fast food. Pizza is a customized, sit-down with family or friends kind of eating occasion."

McIntyre said the introduction of the Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza is focused on two things: First, the company wanted to add to its popular American Legends line of premium pizzas. Second, the product is being launched as part of Domino's partnership with Dairy Management Inc., the association that represents America's dairy farmers.

“This is one way that we can support dairy farms across the country: by selling a pizza featuring an abundance of their products,” he said. “We think that's a good thing.”


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