New research by The NPD Group has found that 70 percent of consumers, especially those aged 50 and higher, expect to pay no more for healthier items than they do for other menu items. 

According to the report, Consumers Define Healthy Eating When They Go Out To Eat, when asked if they would be willing to pay more for healthful items at restaurants they visited often, 70 percent of adults over 50 said no, 25 percent said they would pay somewhat more, and only 5 percent said they would pay a lot more.

In contrast, younger adults appear more open to paying more for healthful items, with 44 percent of those aged 18 to 24 saying they would expect prices for healthful items to be the same as other items, and 41 percent saying they would expect to pay somewhat more. Fifteen percent said they would expect to pay a lot more.

The restaurant segment played a role in consumers’ price perceptions, according to the report. More guests at full-service restaurants expected to pay the same price for healthful items as they did for other menu options, while fewer consumers at quick-service restaurants did.

Survey respondents also noted that they would feel more satisfied after restaurant visits if they had more healthful options available at the same prices as less healthful options, including on the value menu.

One of the key takeaways from the study results is that pricing of the healthy options needs to be consistent with pricing of other choices on the menu,” said Bonnie Riggs, NPD restaurant industry analyst and author of the report. “The market for health today is growing and there is a good opportunity for operators who find a way to offer healthier options at lower price points.”

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  • Vijay Swearingen
    They (older people) won't pay more for healthier food because they would prefer blowing their last years of savings, s.s. checks at the casino over eating healthy. Small businesses cannot sell healthier items for lower prices and compete with major chains because the corporate system of inequity will prevent/block access to locally grown & affordable produce, meats, etc. The entire food system is backwards...instead of private farming and sustainable practices we have corporate farming (answering to shareholders) and practices which sacrifice the short and long term health of the planet. WE WANT MORE LOCAL!!!
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