Pizza Hut listed among top global brands

Based on financial performance and brand strength, Pizza Hut was listed as No. 81 on Interbrand’s top 100 global brands of 2011. 

Interbrand, a global brand consulting firm, recognized Pizza Hut’s menu expansion, with the addition of pasta and wings, as a positive step away from the brand’s single-product reputation. The pizza was also lauded for its mobile strategy, with apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android launched in spring 2010.  

McDonald’s Corp. was listed as No. 6 and was recognized for its consistency, quality and consumer responsiveness. 

“The longtime fast food drives innovation in the category it dominates — from McCafé, its higher quality coffee (with sales challenging Starbucks) to a healthier Happy Meal,” Interbrand posted. 

Interbrand also recognized the company’s efforts in environmental sustainability, including requiring its suppliers over time to source their products entirely from sustainably managed land, and converting vegetable oil into biodiesel fuel. The chain was the top restaurant brand on the list. 

Coca-Cola was listed as No. 1 overall, as the beverage company celebrates its 125th anniversary. Coke’s strength is in brand promotion, with “enomous exposure” through top-tier sponsorships such as the FIFA World Cup. 

IBM, Microsoft, Google, General Electric, Intel, Apple, Disney and HP rounded out the top 10. 

Other foodservice brands to make the Top 100 include: 

No. 22: Pepsi. The brand is still experiencing positive results from its 2008 redesign and repositioning, and has received a boost from its increased presence in the digital space. 

No. 29: Budweiser. 

No. 30: Nescafé. 

No. 62: KFC. The chicken leader was recognized for being adaptable and forward-thinking on a global scale, noting its expansion in Russia and India, and dominance in China. However, despite positive efforts in sustainability and social media, KFC continues to struggle domestically. Its parent company Yum! Brands recently announced an unknown number of layoffs at KFC’s Louisville, Ky., headquarters.  

No. 63: Sprite. The beverage company continues to diversify its portfolio globally, with its latest launch being Sprite Tea in China. 

No. 78: Jack Daniels. 

No. 86: Corona. 

No. 88: Johnnie Walker. 

No. 89: Smirnoff. 

No. 91: Heineken. 

No. 96: Starbucks. The coffee chain’s value rose 10 percent this year – its 40th anniversary – thanks in large part to a new logo that has received a favorable response, as well as an ambitious expansion into China. Starbucks also continues to set the pace for sustainable efforts and, by 2015, expects to have 100 percent of its coffee provided by certified ethical sources. My Starbucks Idea and My Starbucks Signature websites also position the company as a social media powerhouse. 

Intrabrand first started ranking the top 100 global brands in 2001. The firm measures how a brand attracts and retains talent and delivers on customer expectations, as well as its financial performance, its role in the purchase decision process and its overall strength.

Financial performance is analyzed as economic profit, and how much a brand returns to its investors.

Role of the brand measures the portion of the decision to purchase that is attributable specifically to brand, exclusive of other aspects such as price. 

Finally, brand strength measures its ability to secure expected future earnings. Interbrand’s complete list of top brands, as well as past lists, is available here.

Starbucks named a ‘best place to work’  

Starbucks made its way onto another “best” list for 2011, ranking No. 73 on Forbes’ 100 Best Companies to Work For. The chain previously ranked 98th

According to Forbes, Starbucks’ perks include full health insurance benefits, even for part-time workers, stock awards and free coffee. 

Google ranked No. 1 on the list which, aside from Starbucks, was devoid of any foodservice companies. 

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