New Domino's campaign asks for customer feedback

Domino's is now offering new Parmesan Bread Bites for $1 for a limited time.

When ordering Domino's two medium, two-topping pizzas deal for $5.99 each, consumers will be able to add 16 Parmesan Bread Bites for $1. The bite (or two) size permanent menu item features baked bread topped with garlic and parmesan and is ideal for sharing.

"We have an opportunity with Parmesan Bread Bites to offer extraordinary value, as well as give the entire family something shareable and delicious," said Patrick Doyle, Domino's Pizza president and chief executive officer. "To offer all of that for $1, coupled with the already-existing $5.99 offer, is truly value on top of value."

A national TV campaign also begins Feb. 6, featuring Doyle and focused on Domino's approach of welcoming ideas from just about anywhere.

Anywhere, in this case, is Findlay, Ohio, where Brian Edler, Domino's Pizza franchise owner, invented the concept of Parmesan Bread Bites, eventually working with Domino's chefs to make the product available in all of its nearly 5,000 stores nationwide.

Edler's name may sound familiar to the Domino's faithful. In celebration of the company's 50th anniversary celebration in 2010, Edler broke the Guinness World Record for making, baking and boxing pizzas by a single man in one hour. He made 206 pizzas.

"The new campaign shows the cool way in which this idea came about, and that great ideas helping make Domino's better can come from anywhere," said Russell Weiner, Domino's Pizza chief marketing officer. "Parm Bread Bites show that we continue to be committed to innovation and offering more menu choices for our fans and customers."

Think Oven

Also beginning Feb. 6, Domino's will debut "Think Oven," an online suggestion box located on its Facebook page. Customers will have the opportunity to suggest their ideas, beginning with the first project, which seeks feedback and ideas on improving team member uniforms. To submit an idea or find out more, visit or the Domino's Facebook page.

"It really makes sense to get ideas from our customers, they've got the best ideas, they know what they want Domino's to be," Doyle said.

Think Oven is broken down into two components: projects and idea box. With "projects," Domino's is asking for customers' ideas for something specific. Domino's is offering $500 rewards for the two best written and visual ideas for projects.

The uniform deadline is March 4. Some early ideas include incorporating badges or patches that tout the employees' various achievements, and glow in the dark uniforms that could "charge" while at the store ad glow while at customers' front doors.

Those with an idea for Domino's that doesn't apply to a specific project can submit it through the "Idea Box." The best, most popular ideas could potentially trump projects.

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User Comments – Give us your opinion!
  • kerone Campbell
    As a costumer I think u guys should try to experiment putting cheese inside the "NEW BREAD BITE" and called it "CHEESY BREAD BITE"
  • gloria perez
    i think you should come up with something with taco style........also the individual pizza servings with flatbread type bread.
  • James Mamonas
    I am officially entering the Domino Contest to the IDEA Part. Your new Parmesan Bread Bites are great BUT you can add so much more variety of taste, if you add for instance bits of broccoli or pepporonni to its mixtures with dipping sauces on the side ! Now you satisfy the meat eaters and those who enjoy veggies.
    What do you think... Please let me know.
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