Pizza Hut Canada has introduced its "Don't Open Me" challenge. From now through Sept. 3, customers will receive a prize-winning envelope with instructions to not open it until September.

Every envelope is a winner, but only if it stays sealed until September when it's returned to a dine-in Pizza Hut restaurant and opened by a Pizza Hut manager.

"Research has proven that there is a circuit in the human brain that gives us the ability to say no to immediate gratification if it means holding off for a bigger reward," said Beverley D'Cruz, director of Marketing at Pizza Hut Canada. "The fun part will be seeing how many Pizza Hut fans actually can. Don't Open Me debuted, and was a smash hit in the UK, which is why we're bringing it to Canada. The question we have for Canadian pizza lovers – are you better at waiting for reward than those in the UK?"

There are more than 1 million available prizes including home entertainment systems, gift cards, free food and travel vouchers in the mystery envelopes. The grand prize is a vacation for four.

Envelopes are being distributed with the purchase of any Pepsi beverage at dine-in Pizza Hut locations between now and Sept. 3. They can only be unlocked by a Pizza Hut manager between Sept. 4 and Oct. 31 at a dine-in location.

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