BoomBozz Pizza & Taphouse is introducing a Neapolitan-style fried pizza dubbed the Montanara.

Not to be confused with deep-fried state fair fried creations, the authentic Italian pizza features a flash-fried crust that's sauced, topped with fresh mozzarella a single topping and baked until crispy.

Founder and CEO Tony Palombino first experienced Montanara-style pizza during a 2007 visit to Naples, Italy, home to his ancestors.

"The flavor and texture profiles differences are striking because you're thinking, 'It's fried, it should be heavy,' but it's not at all," he said. "What I watched them do was stretch ordinary pizza dough thinly and then fry it in peanut or palm oil very quickly, just until it puffed up. The flavor was surprisingly nutty. It was an experience to have it that first time."

Palombino tested his own version at one of his restaurants in Louisville, Ky., and solicited customer feedback for about a week.

Montanara, when roughly translated, means "a mountain topped by marinara." The BoomBozz version is flat, topped with San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and customers' choice of a single topping. To add even one more topping, Palombino said, risks overwhelming the delicate crust.

Each Montanara is a single-serving 8-inch pizza and will be sold for $8.99.

To introduce the creation, BoomBozz is giving away 50 Montanaras at each location on Oct. 22.

"There might be a little education curve when it comes to introducing fried pizza, so we want our customers to have no reservations about trying it. We know they'll immediately see what all the excitement is about," Palombino said.

BoomBozz is a six-unit pizza and craft brew concept with outlets in Louisville, Indianapolis and in Scottsdale, Ariz.

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