A woman has filed a $5 million class action lawsuit against California Pizza Kitchen, as well as Nestle, Stouffer's and DiGiornos, claiming the brands are "deliberately poisoning their consumers" by selling frozen pizzas that contain transfats, or what she calls "toxic carcinogens."

According to Courthouse News Service, Katie Simpson filed the suit in Federal Court last week.

Simpson claims these brands "squeeze healthier pizzas off supermarket shelves" because their use of the low-cost partially hydrogenated vegetable oil helps increase their market share.

"Although there are safe, low-cost, and commercially acceptable alternatives to trans fat, including those used in competing brands and even in a few Nestle and CPK [California Pizza Kitchen] products, defendants unfairly elect not to use those substitutes in the Nestle trans fat pizzas in order to increase profit at the expense of consumer health," the 16-page complaint states … "Now, given its toxic properties few food companies continue to use PHVO. Defendants, however, have decided not to follow their more responsible peers and cease using PHVO, instead placing profits over public health and deliberately poisoning their consumers."

Simpson goes on to claim these companies’ "unfair and immoral" behavior is limiting the shelf space of competitors that make healthier pizzas.

According to the story, Simpson is seeking restitution, disgorgement, a cease and desist order for abatement of nuisance, corrective advertising and damages for unfair competition.

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  • megan dice
    If you dont want to eat crap, dont. The problem? Most people have no idea whats in the food they eat. The ingredients list does NOT include on the label the fact that half of the ingredients are KNOWN carcinogens and REGISTERED neurotoxins! Most people think trans fats and assume....fats. They don't know anything about it, you hear some fats are good, some are bad. Who's to know? People don't have boundless hours to research everything in their food and they dont have endless time to prepare every meal from scratch while only wholesome ingredients. We rely on the companies and government agencies who are supposed to regulate these things to keep us safe. Putting a known carcinogen (which it IS) into our food is quite the contrary of what we are trusting these people to do. This is a BIG deal and I hope it opens the eyes of the companies. We vote with every dollar we spend.
  • Grace B
    It's okay for her to feed her "young" children loads of cheese so they can get a head start clogging their arteries, but the trans fats are going to kill them? What happens if she finds her kids are gluten intolerant, will that be another lawsuit because there was no warning that flour can cause gluten intolerance? She's money hungry. I hope she falls flat on her face in court. If she's not blind, she can read the label. It says it right there that it contains partially hydrogenated oils. So, don't feed it to your kids! I'm not an employee of any of these companies, but I think some of these lawsuits have gotten out of control. You can sue for just about anything these days.
  • Grace B
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