A new survey titled "Strategies for Workforce Management in Dining," commissioned by Kronos Incorporated and conducted by Gatepoint Research, a subsidiary of SimplyDIRECT, reveals that the majority of dining executives are concerned about their ability to improve guest satisfaction, minimize employee turnover and prepare for the Affordable Care Act. The survey also found that the majority of respondents expect that a new workforce management system will help improve hiring and scheduling and reduce turnover.

"Strategies for Workforce Management in Dining" surveyed senior operation executives within mid- to-large companies in the dining industry. The study showed that the top-three priorities when considering workforce management are:

Improving guest satisfaction (69 percent); Reducing staff turnover (55 percent); andEnsuring compliance as well as absorbing anticipated costs associated with the Affordable Care Act (50 percent).

The survey also revealed that 44 percent of respondents currently use a POS application to manage their workforces and only 13 percent of all respondents are highly satisfied with their existing workforce management system or processes. Respondents from large organizations are further dissatisfied with their existing system or processes, with 34 percent from organizations with more than 5,000 employees stating that they are completely dissatisfied.

Also according to the survey findings, the biggest deficiencies experienced by all respondents with existing workforce management systems are schedule enforcement (46 percent); difficulty managing break periods or time off (26 percent); and insufficient analytics (20 percent). The survey also showed that dining organizations are vastly unprepared for the Affordable Care Act, especially in their ability to manage penalty thresholds.

More than half of survey respondents expect a new workforce management system to significantly enhance business processes and outcomes including improved scheduling (52 percent), better hiring (53 percent), and reduced turnover (51 percent).

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  • James Pauner
    An interesting article I must say. I feel the key to having the ultimate guest satisfaction is to ultimately listen to our customers when they need us and act on their comments ASAP. You will notice that customers upon seeing such activities from management feel they are being appreciated by the company. Recently my restaurants also implemented a tool called Geteco ( ) to help in performing real time feedback by customers and immediate response from management. It helps managers understand their customers better and cater better to their future needs. Cheers to an ever increasing customer satisfaction :)
  • Dilip Sanchez
    Hi all, I love the article! On a separate note Mr James Pauner, I could not agree with you more on your comments. Listening is the key to most business when they look to improve their customer satisfaction levels. I understand you are using the tool Geteco for your restaurants and I am happy to hear that as I have been using that same tool for my hotel business for some time now. I have noticed an increase in positive reviews and much happier guests leaving the hotel as a result of real time feedback and response. Well anywayz just thought I would share some of my experiences. Cheers !
  • Jeffrey Summers
    If satisfaction is the goal then you're headed for mediocrity. I can be satisfied anywhere but I'm usually wowed nowhere. And if you think technology will solve your "guest satisfaction" issues, you're sorely mistaken. This survey's focus is transactional in nature and has no context for operators outside of the surveyors need to get you to buy their POS products & services. This is just another thinly veiled attempt at an infomercial. Lastly, the goal isn't increased positive reviews and the like. It's increased traffic and sales. But the problem is that operators want to ask guests if they are happy first and never get around to asking them to come in/back or spend more. When does the real conversation begin?
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