• Technomic: Is 'made-to-order pizza 'the next 'better burger?'

The fast casual segment has already launched numerous winning concepts, from the so-called "better burger" chains to build-your-own salad restaurants. And according to recent Concepts 2020 research conducted by Technomic, the next hot concept is expected to stem from similar roots, but within the made-to-order pizza niche.

"Made-to-order pizza can be the next big growth niche because its fresh, gourmet positioning provides a strong platform for popular health and wellness concepts," said Darren Tristano, EVP of Technomic. "The 'better' trend seen in 'better burgers' will also drive 'better sandwich' and 'better pizza' concepts. Not only are made-to-order pizza concepts delivering better quality and fresher ingredients, consumers are able to create their own pizzas that are ready within minutes, a proven recipe for success within the fast casual space."

To provide a closer examination of made-to-order pizza chains, Technomic has issued the first in a new series of concept cluster reports. Each publication identifies and reports on emerging restaurant concepts and analyzes their long-term consumer appeal, explores the evolution of the consumer restaurant experience, identifies operator best practices, taps the pulse of today's restaurant patron, and makes recommendations on what to expect throughout the next five to seven years.

The Fast Casual Pizza Cluster Report, powered by Technomic's Concepts 2020 study, looks at the overall foodservice landscape and shows areas of growth potential. It includes:

  • Cluster identification and definition.
  • Insights on consumer drivers enabling growth.
  • Comprehensive pizza concept evaluation
  • Related menu trends and
  • Concepts in action

Read more about trends.

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User Comments – Give us your opinion!
  • Patrick Ingle
    Not really a new concept, Dominos Pizza and Pizza Hut has the made to order. The key is prep and cook time has to be reduced without sacrificing quality.
  • Jason Greenwood
    I don't see the same potential for pizza. The difference in the burger category was the convention at the time-- a general lack of creativity/customization and quality, that was easy to disrupt. I don't see the same convention in pizza-- they are already made to order, with a ton of toppings selections, plenty of "gourmet" players already in the market. I guess the one difference would be the high speed ovens, but there again-- burgers were an established weekday lunch staple, pizza isn't. I just don't see the same upside.
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