The future of delivery may very well lie in drone technology, including food delivery.

Earlier this month, CEO Jeffrey P. Bezos revealed that the company is considering delivery-by-drone. The news was greeted by supporters — "convenience," "innovation!" — and dissenters — "fantasy," "dangerous!" — alike.

Since the news came out, some QSRs have jokingly teased about their own drone ambitions.

A&W displayed its "Drone Project" on its social media accounts, including "test footage" from "Oct. 4, 2005."

Along with the drone video, A&W posted: "The truth is out! We invented the first delivery #drone in 2005, 8 years before Amazon Prime Air. Check out the video evidence."

KFC also posted a photo of a drone carrying a signature Bucket of chicken, with the caption: "There's been a lot of talk about drone delivery. Don't fret, we're thinking the same thing #WhenChickensFly."

And then there's Domino's, which actually tested a drone delivery in the United Kingdom in June, well before Amazon's news hit the wires. The Domicopter traveled 4 miles to deliver two pepperoni in 10 minutes.

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  • John Wilton
    The funniest thing of all is that you can actually buy drones on amazon:
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