Convenience store magnet 7-Eleven revealed its expansion into the fast food sector with its Monday announcement that it would roll out items like pepperoni pizza and chicken wings to 115 Dallas-area stores, according to the Dallas Morning News.
Carrollton, Texas's TurboChef Technologies will provide the ovens, which marks the company's comprehensive move into food and relying less on former staples like tobacco:
'Food service is our future,' said 7-Eleven spokeswoman Margaret Chabris, 'We realized this in the 1990s with declining tobacco sales and rising tobacco regulation.'
(Chabris) said hot food – which began as a test in 2007 in Salt Lake City – accounts for 30 percent of the brand's food offerings, which also include fresh fruit, salads and sandwiches.
Stores with the new hot food program will serve a variety of items besides pizza, like chicken tenders, chicken wings, and breakfast items like quesadillas. Prices range from 79 cents for two hash browns to $9.99 for a large pizza.
Banners offering a whole pizza for $6.99 will be displayed at some stores in November and December. The company will also have a menu board over the hot foods area next year.
Noble Roman's Inc. is among the pizza brands currently in convenience stores that will be in direct competition with 7-Eleven's offerings.

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