CHICAGO — Coca-Cola FoodService has debuted several products aimed at helping operators during the 2009 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show.
The show, continuing through Tuesday, is at McCormick Place in Chicago.
Several of the products are aimed at to-go orders, including a deep-pocket four-beverage carrier and pouch carrier for large beverage orders. The Fridge Pouch, designed for catering or large party orders. The resealable pouch holds one gallon, serving six to 10 people. Because carbonated beverages would lose their fizz during travel, only noncarbonated beverages like tea or lemonade are recommended.
The new Coke four-cup carrier with handle provides a more convenient method for consumers to transport several beverages from the restaurant. James Latimore, Coca-Cola FoodService marketing manager, said the carrier has advantages over the traditional egg-crate model because the new carrier's deep pockets ensure the drinks are less likely to spill during transport. For operators, the carriers store flat and then snap into shape with a quick sqeeze.
The company also previewed the new Coke Cup, which is still in the prototype phase. The current design of the Coke Cup is made from 50 percent recycled PET plastic and features an ergonomic design as well as an innovative domed lid that locks on to prevent spillage.
Coca-Cola also is meeting consumer demand for more variety in the tea category with its vitamin-infused Fuze line. The flavored teas come in sweetened and unsweetened versions as well as black and green tea, including green tea with honey. The Fuze brand teas can be brewed in any tea brewing system.
Randy Raymond, director of strategy and development for Coca-Cola FoodService, said the growing popularity of tea is part of the overall lift of noncarbonated beverages, augmented here by consumer appreciation of the health benefits and natural ingredients of tea.
The company also showcased its Bevariety Drop-In Dispenser, a versatile, modular eight-valve fountain dispenser that expands to include flavor-shot capability by adding the six brand Bevariety Station module. With the module added, the dispensing power increases from eight brands to a combination of 12 brands, creating more than 50 different drink options, including custom-made beverages.

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