• Safe Inside the Box

    Amid the growing number of anthrax deaths, could tamper-proof pizza boxes reduce concerns about food contamination?
    Tags: Crime
  • Danger Zone

    Regular training helps delivery drivers avoid becoming another crime statistic.
  • Florida restaurateurs warned about complaint letter scam

    TAMPA -- A letter-writing campaign by a mysterious patron complaining of bad service has Florida restaurateurs scratching their heads. The author, "Caroline Heart," has targeted several chains in the …
    Tags: Crime
  • Seeing Red

    Pizzeria operators perceive delivery redlining as a safety policy, but it often angers customers who sometimes see it as discrimination.
  • Manager is 'boxed in' when boss discovers stolen pizzas

    LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- Police in Lakewood, Ohio, near Cleveland, say a manager at a Donatos pizzeria stole dozens of pizzas in an attempt to be recognized in the company newsletter for increased sales. …
    Tags: Crime
  • Pizza delivery driver brutally murdered in Florida

    LEESBURG, Fla. -- The body of a Papa John's pizza delivery driver, who was reported missing by the store's staff, was found early Wednesday morning in Leesburg, Fla. According to a police report, the …
    Tags: Crime
  • Delivery driver kidnappers get prison time

    CLARION, Pa. -- A botched kidnapping and ransom scheme involving a pizza delivery driver will send a Clarion woman and man to jail for two to six years. According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, …
    Tags: Crime
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