• Aussie Pizza Huts to use voice recognition ordering

    SYDNEY -- VeCommerce Limited, a developer and manufacturer of voice enabled e-commerce products, has contracted to supply select Pizza Hut markets in Australia with voice-enabled ordering. The …
  • Select Domino's franchisees to test wireless delivery payment terminals

    LODI, Calif. -- PayStar Corporation, a provider of wireless banking services, announced the signing of a letter of intent with eXcape Business Transactions, Inc., of Vancouver, Canada, to deploy …
  • Who's Who: Stan McCabe

    With the goal of making pizzerias run more efficiently while growing volume, Stan McCabe co-founded oneSystem, a one-number call-center concept.
  • Labor Savior

    Tracking payroll and projecting labor schedules are headaches for most operators, but with a good point-of-sale system, both become a simple numbers game.
    Tags: POS
  • Computer-free Web orders are possible with America Takeout

    Come September, an operator will need only a phone line and America Takeout's iPrinter to receive orders from the Web.
    Tags: POS
  • Micro-managed Marketing

    A good point-of-sale system will focus and speed up an operator's marketing efforts by handling key details.
    Tags: Marketing, POS
  • Breakaway acquires ProHost and RSViP

    ARLINGTON, Texas -- POS manufacturer Breakaway International Inc., has acquired ProHost and RSViP software solutions from OpenTable Inc. "The acquisition of ProHost and RSViP enables Breakaway to …
    Tags: POS
  • Inventory Autopilot

    Point-of-sale systems can play a key role in running tight inventories and lowering food costs.
    Tags: POS
  • Paybacks are Swell

    An investment in a POS system can be a hefty one, but operators say the money they help them earn and save more than covers the purchase cost.
    Tags: POS
  • As Good as Caught

    With pin-point order tracking, modern point-of-sale systems not only protect operators from in-house theft, but help them prosecute offenders.
    Tags: POS
  • E-fficient, e-ffective marketing

    Moving your marketing message through e-mail likely is cheaper, simpler and more effective than you think.
    Tags: POS
  • Web-phone ordering still in the works at Domino's

    As partners in Web-phone ordering initiatives, Domino's Pizza and Motorola see hand-held devices as key to pizza's future.
    Tags: POS
  • Time to be Online?

    Papa John's now provides nationwide online ordering, but will any competitors follow its lead?
    Tags: POS
  • PizzaFone wireless payment system set for test

    LODI, Calif. -- PayStar Corporation announced Feb. 20 that it signed a joint marketing venture with New York City-based Paybox Global Holdings, Inc., to launch the PayStar PizzaFone in the U.S. A …
    Tags: POS
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High-tech point-of-sale systems have revolutionized the pizza business. Initially employed for cash management, they're now used for marketing, labor management, inventory and security. Learn more about how these POS systems can benefit your pizzeria.

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