Domino's launches iPhone-optimized mobile ordering site

Sept. 15, 2009
Domino's has launched a new version of its mobile ordering Web site, the company has announced. The enhanced version is optimized for the Apple iPhone, Palm Pre and phones that support the Google Android operating system.
Customers visiting the Domino's Web site from a browser in one of the supported devices will be automatically connected to the new, enhanced site.
Some of the enhancements of the new site include:
  • Pizza Tracker - The addition of the Pizza Tracker, which allows users to track the progress of their pizza order. More than 75 percent of the millions of online customers use Pizza Tracker after completing their order.
  • Faster ordering - An Express Ordering option which provides a more streamlined ordering experience with 50 percent fewer clicks needed to order than the previous version of the site.
  • Full ordering functionality - A visual of the entire menu and full ordering functionality including: allowing toppings on pizza halves; topping portion options; and ordering of sides, drinks, sauces and desserts.
  • Past order functionality - Favorite past orders available in one step.
  • Browse and redeem coupons - Including functionality that sort coupons by most popular and number of people it will feed.
  • No downloading or registering - Domino's iPhone optimized mobile ordering site is ready for orders.
  • Text message confirmation - Consumers can elect to receive a text message confirming that their order has been placed.
"Domino's Pizza was the first pizza company to launch Web-based mobile ordering more than two years ago," said Rob Weisberg, Domino's vice president multi-media. "Since that time, we've been regularly enhancing our site to allow an even better user experience and decreased ordering time."
The site has been in beta for the last month, and Domino's Facebook and Twitter followers got an early preview.
"Domino's mobile ordering is growing at an average of 20 percent each month with the majority of mobile orders coming from iPhone customers," Weisberg said. "These site enhancements cater to the largest segment of our mobile customer base and also provide a platform that can be expanded on for our other mobile customers down the road. We plan on following up with a Blackberry-optimized version in the near future."
Domino's will continue to have two versions of the site and consumers with all other Web-enabled phones will be able to order on the existing site as usual.

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