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Aug. 6, 2013

A quick and easy dining experience is just as important to today's consumers as high-quality food. That means restaurants that use technology to improve speed and accuracy are going to win over competitors who don't embrace these tools. These technologies not only make the customer happy, but improving food delivery time allows the operator to turn more tables, thereby serving more customers and increasing profits. A new guide called Profitable Restaurants Turn More Tables, published by and sponsored by Long Range Systems, addresses these issues, touching on the following components of using technology to turn more tables:

  • Improving the customer experience;
  • Improving operations; and
  • Increasing revenue.

The guide also features a case study on how Jason's Deli transformed the way it delivered food to tables. For the past 20 years, workers had been giving the customer a plastic ticket that's placed in a holder on the table. The food runners would have to search for the table when the order was ready.

But when new technology was developed that could affect the guest experience, Jason's Deli was eager to try it.

"We're somewhat old school, but to have a system that helps us measure ticket times, deliver food faster and improve the customer experience was something we had to implement," said Michael Johnson, a regional manager.

The chain deployed Table Tracker, an RFID system developed by LRS that speeds up food delivery. When a guest places the Table Tracker device on the table, it sends that table's exact number to the kitchen display via RFID tags installed under the table. The RFID tags aren't visible to guests and don't take up space.

After observing Table Tracker in action at a competitor's store, Jason's Deli purchased systems for some of its stores and saw immediate improvement in ticket times, Johnson said.

"We shaved a full minute off ticket times just by having the ability to prioritize orders and deliver food faster. Runners find customers more quickly and get back to the next delivery faster just because we use Table Tracker," he added.

To learn more about how using RFID technology can speed up service and lead to increased profits, download the free guide here.

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