New Twitter app could be useful to pizza operators

Jan. 19, 2010
Blast Applications Inc., a premier creator and developer of iPhone, Twitter and Facebook applications, recently announced the official launch of is a corporate branding and advertising application that responds to Twitter hashtag queries, which begin with the symbol "#," followed by a search term. The tool currently informs Twitter users of translations, weather reports, product pricing, locations and even the national debt by typing in the hashtag, for example, "#whatisthenationaldebt."
"It's still in its infancy; right now it has a broad range of uses," said Craig "Lapp" Aranoff with pizza consulting agency, The Pizza Experts.  "But the ultimate goal is … a Twitter fanatic can type, ‘Joe's Pizza, Boca Raton.' The Twuition app is smart enough to catch that hashtag query, and (responds to it) with the address and phone number. But it also comes to you with ‘brought to you by Pizza,'" for example — or whoever pays to advertise for the keyword "pizza."
Aranoff figures an ad's potential reach on Twitter is around 15 million; with 50 million Twitter users and considering half of those could be untouched business accounts or kids, the number can even seem small.
He said there are more functional features for pizza operators coming soon.
To see specific hashtags and their functions, visit Twuition's Web site.
*Flickr photo by respres 

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