Pizza campaign targets young moms' favorite mediums

April 6, 2010
Family pizza chain Peter Piper Pizza is undergoing a digital makeover to reinvigorate the Arizona-based company that has more than 130 locations. The more intriguing revelation, however, are the media consumption habits of their target demographic, young mothers.   The man behind the revamped strategy for Peter Piper is Charles Bruce. Bruce came on as CMO a year ago and immediately began vigorous research on the brand's optimal customers, and the best ways to reach them. He also brought on full-service, Arizona-based Santy Integrated media company to produce the new advertising and online components, which will include online ordering and mobile marketing initiatives where customers receive special offers on their cell phones.   Bruce believes that brands that aren't constantly evolving are dying. Such a black-and-white approach to marketing also predicts his adversity to disclosing anything close to the valuable specifics of the market research he's been doing. "I can't give away the family jewels," he says.   Luckily, Santy Integrated president Dan Santy has been able to quantify some of the more titillating findings. Such as the favorite mediums of the pizza chain's coveted demographic, young moms, and how they use these "three screens" --  mobile phones, laptops and televisions -- to help make them more efficient in everything from carpools to mealtime. Young moms are intriguing to the company because they drive decisions on where families will eat, and often what will be brought home, and these devices offer them instant gratification and help in such choices.   "This is the new way to reach young moms," Santy said. "They're heavily online."   This understanding has helped direct the components of the brand makeover, like the upcoming online ordering and smartphone marketing initiatives. Though those platforms may seem unusual for a brand with such a strong on-premise contingency, they jive with current usage practices.   "(Smart phones help consumers) with brand choices on the fly," said Santy, who sees them as a lynchpin of the mutually reinforcing three-screen digital media lineup. For example, Santy said, about 40 percent of people are on their laptops while watching television these days, which allows them to research the messages they see on commercials. "Two-dimensional advertising is effective at reaching people," he said. "The others are effective in allowing them to interact with our brands."   Plus, executives claim, Peter Piper's pizza product has an unusually strong loyalty.  "It's not cardboard pizza" like some others in the family pizza/gaming segment, according to Santy creative director Adam Pierno.   But the smart phone/laptop screen isn't the only target. New television spots have been airing in the concept's southern markets. They convey the familial experience that's always been germane to Peter Piper's, but also focus on the gratifications adults can experience while their children are playing nearby. To that end, Santy and Pierno said, the working idea was to convey the concept as "a place for adults disguised as a place for kids." Beer shots were left in the spots, after some debate over how much to focus on that aspect of the experience.   In fact, it's this experiential component that Bruce has been focusing on throughout the rebrand. "People in the restaurant business tend to think everything is about food," he said. Obviously, that's not entirely true.

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