Pizza Hut's WingStreet plans first national ad campaign

Oct. 9, 2013 | by Alicia Kelso

Yum! Brands third quarter earnings report, released Tuesday, underscored the company's continued struggles with its KFC China business following the supply chain crisis that surfaced in the beginning of the year.

The company predicted the recovery would take 6 to 9 months initially, but is far less optimistic after same-store sales were down 11 percent in Q3.

"We're very disappointed with these results. They are well below the high expectations we have for our business," CEO David C. Novak said during an earnings call today.

The China business accounts for more than half of Yum!'s profits, so a hit to that market is widespread — Yum!'s overall profits fell nearly 70 percent in Q3. A revised Q4 guidance puts the company "well below" its 11-year track record of double-digital growth.

"We are humbled by this year's performance, but we're confident and determined to turn it around. We're working very hard right now to recover from the one-two punch ... and to rebuild consumer trust in China," Novak said. "We are working hard to get back on track and I'm confident we're doing the right things."

Not all of the news out of China was bad. Pizza Hut Casual in China turned in 5 percent same-store sales growth. The company is expanding its breakfast platform, which is a "huge opportunity" in China, according to Novak. There are now more than 950 Pizza Hut Casual locations and he added that the company is just getting started in growth, particularly in lower-tier cities.

The Pizza Hut Home Service business also had a strong quarter and with a growing consumer class in China, there is an "enormous demand" for this model in the years ahead, Novak said. Ecommerce is also driving this business, with more than 60 percent of orders coming through online channels.

U.S. results

In the U.S., Taco Bell continued its Doritos Locos- and Cantina Bell-driven momentum, with a 2-percent same-store sales increase. Pizza Hut experienced a 1 percent decline, while KFC fell 4 percent.

Taco Bell, which represents about 60 percent of the company's U.S. business, is gearing up for the national rollout of its breakfast platform in the first half of 2014.

The focus for Pizza Hut in 2014 will be on its WingStreet co-brand. For the first time, WingStreet will feature national advertising. Pizza Hut recently switched ad agencies (to McGarry Bowen) to help the concept "breakthrough more aggressively," Novak said.

International and India business

The International Division sales increased 5 percent, driven by new-unit development and 1 percent same-store sales growth. YRI opened 215 new units in 50 countries during Q3, including 139 in emerging markets. Ninety percent of all new international units were opened by franchisees.

"We are on track to open 1,000 new units in YRI this year, which is a new record for the division," Novak said. The development pipeline for 2014 is also robust, especially in newer markets such as Russia, South Africa and Turkey.

Finally, the company's India Division experienced a 20 percent increase in sales, driven mostly by unit growth.

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