Pizza stocks back up

Aug. 28, 2011 | by Cherryh A. Butler


Average block cheese prices dropped to $1.79 last week on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The previous week's average was $1.98.

Cheese prices closed at $1.87 Monday, $1.78 Tuesday, $1.73 Wednesday, $1.78 Thursday and $1.79 Friday.


Wheat prices shot up to $9.08 last week on the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. The previous week closed at $8.36.

Wheat closed at $9.43 Monday, $9.50 Tuesday, $9.26 Wednesday, $9.34 Thursday and $9.56 Friday.

Gasoline and diesel fuel

Monday's nationwide average for regular unleaded gasoline was $3.61, a 5-cent increase over last week's $3.57, according to AAA and the Oil Price Information Service.

Prices are still down from $3.71 a month ago but up from this time last year, when consumers were paying $2.68 at the pump.

Mid-range unleaded is up four cents to $3.74 from the previous week's $3.70, while today's premium unleaded price is $3.87, a 5-cent increase from last week's $3.82.

The nationwide average for diesel fuel is $3.88 for the second week in a row. Although the price of diesel is 8 cents lower than last month's $3.96, it is much higher than this time last year when it cost $2.95.

Natural Gas

Even an earthquake on Tuesday could not shake up most gas prices significantly for the week. However, the prospects of some near-term returning cooling load was likely the catalyst boosting overall cash market prices this week. The Henry Hub price increased 13 cents per million Btu (MMBtu) over the week (up 3.2 percent) to close at $4.10 per MMBtu on Aug. 24.

Pizza company stocks

Pizza stocks are trending up this week after a dip last week.

Pizza Hut parent Yum! Brands Inc. has rallied back to $52.77 Friday after dipping to $49.41 the previous week. The company hit its 52-week high about a month ago when shares were $56.72. Yum! traded at a 52-week low of $41 in August 2010.

Domino's closed last Friday at $26.98, hitting a new 52-week high after plunging to $25.02 the previous week. Shares remain substantially higher over this time last year when the company traded as low as $12.45 in August 2010.

Papa John's closed Friday up more than a $1 to $28.71 after steadily dropping for the past several weeks. The company hit its 52-week high earlier this summer at $34.12 and traded at a 52-week low of $23.20 in August 2010.

CEC Entertainment Inc., parent company of Chuck E. Cheese restaurants, jumped up to $29.50 last week, from $28.93, which was the company's 52-week low. CEC hit its 52-week high just three weeks ago at $41.32.

Pizza Inn stocks increased more than a dime, closing Friday at $3.02. The previous week's closing was $2.90 Friday. Its 52-week high was six weeks ago when it finished at $3.26. It traded as low as $1.86 in August 2010.

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