Scalable POS systems more important than ever

Dec. 1, 2011

The pizza business is changing, and businesses need to find new and better ways to cater to their customers. With rapidly changing customer demands and evolving technologies, complacent companies will be left in the dust.

Having the right POS system in place is more important than ever as consumers are increasingly tethered to their Web and mobile devices. Integrating the right POS system can provide numerous benefits, including ways to manage operations proactively, multiple means for taking orders, security control, customer information functions and the tools to control costs.

"Think of Microsoft Excel. You can do 1,001 things with it, but not everybody uses them all," said Wes Peters, sales manager for SpeedLine Solutions Inc., Lynden, Wash.-based provider of POS systems.

Companies such as SpeedLine build scalable systems that appeal to a restaurant's growing needs.

"The last thing somebody wants is to be forced to look for another POS system two years from now when its technology needs change," Peters said.

Benefits of a scalable POS

A scalable POS system can connect historical data with automated planning tools. For example, they can predict prep requirements for each period throughout the day based on historical sales and accurate forecasts.

The right system should also have the ability to track everything in a restaurant's inventory, from pounds of meat to the number of napkins. These inventory controls can tell a restaurant how much product they should have versus how much they actually used, and project stock requirements based on historical product sales.

Inventory controls also can help managers use the POS system to schedule staff, meet demand and achieve labor-efficiency goals. The system provides an instant check of labor stats per shift, including the number of hours logged per employee.

Another benefit to installing a scalable POS system is that they're able to track customer purchases for loyalty and marketing programs, such as rewarding regular customers with special offers based on their previous buying habits.

"Companies would kill for that information," said Pierre Coutu, co-owner of Diana's Gourmet Pizzeria, in Manitoba. "That data is gold."

Scalable POS systems tie directly into the growing platform of online ordering. For example, Diana's Gourmet Pizzeria's Web and mobile orders are linked to its POS system. The database checks to see if a customer is in their delivery zone and, if not, the website directs them to pick up the order.

The systems can also provide analysis and improve performance and block common avenues to theft by connecting to video security or safeguarding with biometrics.

Automation creates a new dynamic, streamlining and lightening the load so restaurant owners can turn their attention to business growth and maintenance.

Operating without a POS system makes a business "ripe for failure," Coutu said.

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Excerpted from the recently published guide, "Pizza POS Systems: Choosing the Right Solution." To read more, download the free publication.

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