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If you haven't realized the need for (mobile) speed or scheduled meetings with your IT team after reading "Save As" is the New "Print," Part 1 you might want to block off your afternoon. Employee scheduling, engagement and communication are the HR programs that really maximize mobile's ROI.

This blog dives into how online technology solutions can help your foodservice business optimize scheduling, performance review, reward and communication programs to save time, reduce turnover and keep your employees (and your bottom line) happy.

Smartphone is the new BOH

Want to really make your employees happy? And your life easier? Get rid of back-of-house postings, and put technology to work in your scheduling program. PMI's 2011 HR Tech survey found eight out of 10 companies still use paper and manual methods to create, distribute and manage shift schedules. Would you still be content with 'it works' if you knew frustration with scheduling methods is one of the industry's top reasons employees quit?

Mark your calendar: mobile scheduling is about to hit foodservice businesses in a big way. According to our survey, companies managing requests via mobile and other electronic methods (website, email, online talent management system), increase their scheduling efficiency by more than 30 percent.

We also found that most companies still distribute schedules via BOH message boards. There's a better way...and it doesn't require tape, printouts or whiteout. Online distribution methods increase employers' satisfaction by 25 percent...not to mention improving your employees' work/life balance.

Your employees have phones. And they use them to text and browse the Web. Why not let them view, manage and trade shifts too? A scheduling app allows team members anytime, anywhere access to their work schedule, letting your employees focus on service instead of whether they're even supposed to show up today.

Real-time is the new quarterly

With industry average turnover topping 75 percent, you don't have three months to wait to review performance. More than half of companies surveyed are not satisfied with their current review processes. It's time for an upgrade.

Engagement in the foodservice industry needs a "now" approach. Employees require feedback that is continual, constructive and comprehensive. SaaS technology allows employers to record real-time reviews for detailed, constructive feedback. Leverage customer feedback and coworker thoughts for a 360-degree view. Automated technology also makes it possible for employees to set goals and report successes, while managers can add comments for constant, personalized engagement.

Newsfeed is the new memo

Facebook garners more Web traffic each week than Google. Connect your workforce and keep everyone on the same page with a mobile-social platform. Leveraging technology can help your engagement program turn workplace communication into a two-way conversation.

It's a movement that's on the rise with gamification and social networks. '2011 HR Tech' survey statistics show 40 percent of companies today are incorporating electronic communication. And it works. Respondents using online methods reduce turnover by 17 percent and report mobile and email methods as the easiest ways to manage communication and feedback.

Now is the new tomorrow

Companies that "get" the value of technology will attract the best employees; companies that don't not only risk losing them, but also risk losing customers. In today's fast-paced foodservice world, being a day, a month, a year behind in technology applications leaves you decades behind your competition.

Check out more mobile, social and online stats and information in our articles, infographics and reports at The PeopleMatter Institute.

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