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Wanna take a page from a business that is doing progressive marketing right? Check out Domino's UK. That team keeps turning out one cool promo after another, incorporating digital signage, social media, augmented reality, mobile ... They may as well throw a kitchen sink in there, too.

In the past few months, Domino's UK has dabbled in "f-commerce" with its Boneless Ribs launch, offering Facebook fans a sneak preview at an exclusive offer.

In January, the company installed posters at more than 6,000 sites across Britain. The posters include an augmented reality (AR) feature allowing customers to download deals, get the company's mobile ordering app and become a Facebook fan.

Also in January, it launched a new Meal Wizard tool that automatically searches all of Domino's offers and suggests meal deals based on the customer's order basket.

The company has even gone so far as to cross-market through multiple channels to boost its online presence. In April 2011, the company partnered with eBay Advertising to reach consumers with specific delivery zones through geo-targeting.

Its latest promotion – part of the company's admitted attempt to boost its Twitter footprint – ran earlier this week. In the promotion, Domino's UK reduced the price of a large pepperoni pizza according to how many people tweeted in time for lunch – sort of a reverse auction for social media fans. The price was reduced from 15.99 pounds to 7.74 pounds for the two hour promo, which included the hashtag #letsdolunch.

Simply put, Domino's UK has gotten very clever with its strong and still growing digital presence.

"We're always looking for innovative new ways to engage with our customers using the latest technology," said Nick Dutch, multimedia manager at Domino's UK, when the AR posters first appeared.

Such innovation has paid off in droves thus far. The company's 2011 profits jumped nearly 15 percent, buoyed by a strong online and mobile presence. Efforts to engage its customers online have led to a 43 percent increase in online sales.

This year, the company has set it sights on enhancing its mobile presence, including mobile payments. We're looking forward to seeing how the company approaches this goal and what other marketing tricks it has up its sleeve.

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