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After reading this, if you don't already have the feature installed, you'll likely be questioning why because like many customer experience features, it's simple and effective.

Automated customer call back is used to automatically place a call to delivery customers when their pizza has been dispatched and is on its way. Customer 'delivery anxiety' can be dramatically reduced because customers are made aware of the status of their pizza delivery and tend to be more prepared for the arrival of delivery staff, resulting in a fewer customer calls inquiring on the status of their delivery, quicker turnaround and even increased tips from the customer.

What's more, due to the automated technology involved, you don't need a member of staff to place the call, leaving them free to serve other customers and prepare orders.

When integrated with other features such as on-hold messaging, HD sound, call recording and reporting, customer callback becomes the final piece of the puzzle when using technology to improve your customer experience and encourage repeat business.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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  • Eddie Lane
    What would be the best phone system for a start up pizzeria? I am a new owner and I have been updating equipment from the start of my new shop. Anyone has any ideas of what the best with all features, please let me know.
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