• Ring in 2012 with organic food innovation

    Ring in 2012 with organic food innovation

    I predict that 2012 will be a banner year for Organic Food Product Innovation, and those who sit on the sidelines will miss the opportunity to strike gold in this rapidly growing product segment. I …
  • A broader look at pizza’s busy year

    A broader look at pizza’s busy year

    Compiling subjective end-of-year lists is never easy, especially in a heavy news industry like foodservice. PizzaMarketplace tried its best with the top 2011 stories published earlier this week. What …
  • 3 trends hitting foodservice

    3 trends hitting foodservice

    The PeopleMatter Institute (PMI) put together the 'Top 11 of 2011,' a compilation of the hottest trends from the past year that the service industry should continue focusing on in 2012. From this …
  • Wrestling with a million dollar baby - skimming

    Wrestling with a million dollar baby - skimming

    The restaurant industry is rife with ways to lose profitability. Just when you think you have things buttoned up, a new twist comes along that can threaten your business and you may not even know …
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  • 2012 will be the year of more information

    2012 will be the year of more information

    Industry surveys say Americans are ready to spend more money on dining out in 2012, but only if they feel that what they are eating is good for them, as well as a good value. Are you ready for the …
  • Adaptation – 3 Categories Evolve

    Adaptation – 3 Categories Evolve

    Below is Part II of "Adaptation." Click here to read Part I. The new double cage arrangement changed the dynamic between Lilly and Teddy but in an unexpected way. Once the space was expanded, Lilly …
  • A leopard that couldn’t change its spots

    A leopard that couldn’t change its spots

    The adventure usually begins with a notice from the bank that a deposit was either short or is missing. It triggers questions of who was supposed to have taken it to the bank and when. When the …
  • We've always done it this way

    We've always done it this way

    I read this week that Kodak is nearly out of business. Growing up in the 1960's and '70's, every family had a Kodak. Those yellow boxes were everywhere and getting your very own Kodachrome camera was …
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  • The ageless meatball is the new menu trendsetter

    The ageless meatball is the new menu trendsetter

    How could Meatballs, one of the oldest comfort foods, become one of the leading menu trendsetters? Simple ... they offer unlimited flavor and menu versatility to creative chefs looking for ways to …
  • Getting ‘Siri-ous’ in Foodservice HR

    Getting ‘Siri-ous’ in Foodservice HR

    Ever wish you could have a personal assistant to help keep up with all the details involved in running a restaurant? Now you can. Meet Siri — one of the most talked about apps out there. As an …
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  • The most gluten-free meal of the day

    The most gluten-free meal of the day

    OK, maybe technically dessert isn't a meal for most of us most of the time — although I have been known to have chocolate for breakfast occasionally. But desserts may be the easiest place to …
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  • Adaptation – 3 Factions Evolve

    Adaptation – 3 Factions Evolve

    The cage door opened and they were shuttled, unceremoniously, into another cage. "What the hell is going on?" Teddy said as Lilly was deposited into the new cage next to her. "Oooh look, fresh hay …
  • Food stamps in foodservice

    Food stamps in foodservice

    I worked my way through college in the grocery industry in an economically depressed community. I saw the face of poverty every day and the young children who would come in for "breakfast," a can of …
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  • Personal safety tips for the holidays

    Personal safety tips for the holidays

    D.B. "Libby" Libhart has more than 30 years of experience in the loss prevention industry. He has provided security and safety leadership in retail settings and quick-service restaurants, including …
  • De-Silo HR: The Next Evolution

    De-Silo HR: The Next Evolution

    DriveThruHR, a daily broadcast on all things HR, recently hosted Valerie Warnock, head of PeopleMatter's Human Resources, to talk about 'organic HR.' (Listen here.) In the interview, Valerie …
  • Thanksgiving and giving thanks

    Thanksgiving and giving thanks

    Every two weeks for just over a year now I have been posting blogs here at Networld Alliance sites for you about what is new and hot, and how trends like gluten-free and menu labeling are being …
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  • Are we there yet?

    Are we there yet?

    Happy days are here again. I know. It doesn't feel that way to me either. Granted, things don't seem as dire as they did in 2008, -09 and -10. But it doesn't seem to me — or anyone I know, for …
  • First impressions still count for new customers

    First impressions still count for new customers

    Don't believe everything you hear about the restaurant industry in a down economy. Customers are still opening their wallets in restaurants and if they aren't, they may be willing to, given the right …
  • What’s in a Brand?

    What’s in a Brand?

    A number of years ago, restaurant chains stopped being chains and became brands. Chain is so uninviting, fenced out and smacks of bigness not closeness. People don't want to be chained to a chain, …
  • The HR Takeaway From The 99%

    The HR Takeaway From The 99%

    As the leaderless revolution, Occupy Wall Street, begins its eighth week of protesting (and its sixth outside our San Fransico offices), I think it's time to reflect on what we can learn from the 99 …
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