Improving efficiency through call reporting

April 10, 2012 | by Shawn Chute

An in-depth awareness of your pizza business can open up a range of opportunities for increased revenue and cost savings. This awareness becomes easier with the right data and analysis – both of which are not only possible but easy to obtain and use with the right technology in place.

There are now several phone and communications solutions on the market that come with reporting and advanced analytics as standard. Most of these give you detailed oversight of critical elements of your business such as number of calls, staff response time, order processing time, total call duration, waiting times, phone lines are down, who is and isn't listening to your on hold messages, which marketing messages bring in additional orders or higher revenue sales and more.

In addition, if you own more than one pizza outlet, you can quickly and easily compare data between stores and regions.

When you then combine this feature with others such as call recording, you can accurately pinpoint weaknesses in your operations, delivering a better service and enjoying increased sales.

Topics: Business Strategy and Profitability , Marketing / Branding / Promotion , Operations Management , Systems / Technology , Telecommunications

Shawn Chute / Shawn Chute is a 14 year veteran of the tech industry and the COO of Sutus, a leading integrated communications company specializing in the pizza industry. Sutus customers include large brand names such as Dominos and small independent pizzerias.

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