'Save As' is the new 'Print' Part 1

Sept. 23, 2011 | by Nate DaPore

What if I told you there was a secret HR weapon that could increase your overall efficiency, satisfaction and profit…and it wouldn’t cost you any arms, legs or first-borns? You’d stop reading this and start using it, right? Wrong.

 There is a not-so-secret HR weapon for the service industry: technology—but more than eight out of 10 businesses aren’t taking advantage of it. The PeopleMatter Institute, PeopleMatter’s research organization, just released the most comprehensive look at technology use in the service industry to-date, and the ‘2011 HR Tech’ survey stats might surprise you.

 Because there was just too much HR-gold for one post, I’ve broken the results into two segments. Part 1 of my two-part survey blog post covers technology’s application in hiring and training practices. Part 2 takes a look at taking advantage of technology for workforce scheduling and engagement. (Prefer pictures? Check out these hiring and training infographics)

 But first, proof that technology is not just a trend…

 Use It or Lose It

Sixty-eight percent of adults log online every day—what if you could connect with them every time they connected to theWeb? You can…and you should. The Internet has given foodservice businesses an incredible mobile-social platform to help find, develop and engage customers and employees, but if you don’t use it, you’re going to start losing them. 

“Save As” is the new “Print”

Most survey respondents aren’t “using it.” More than half still conduct the majority of their HR tasks by paper or manual methods, despite the fact that switching to an online talent management system makes it easier to meet goals, increases day-to-day efficiency and can lower turnover by 43 percent.

 Especially in the foodservice industry, where turnover tops 75 percent and replacing each employee costs you $2,300; manual HR management costs adds up quickly. Take papers, pens and printers out of your HR mix. The best place to start? Hiring.

 ”The Cloud” is the new “File Cabinet”

Two-thirds of companies use paper methods to manage hiring, and even more to onboard. Keeping up with all of the processes and paperwork manually is time-consuming and a recipe for noncompliance disaster. And let’s just hope nothing happens to all of that personal data stored in a back-of-house file cabinet.

 Get your head in the “Cloud.” Hiring and onboarding tasks are easier with an online talent management system’s SaaS (“Cloud”) technology. OTM-users aren’t just more efficient, they’re also more satisfied. Companies that use online sourcing tactics increase weekly application volume by 57 percent and are 35 percent more satisfied with applicant quality than those using traditional processes.

 Remember my “Job Boards Are Dead” claim? Here’s more fuel for the foodservice fire: social media produces higher-quality candidates for survey respondents than any other recruiting method. Forty percent use social media networks to find talent. Applicants found via these venues are 26 percent higher quality than walk-ins.

 ”Handheld” is the new “Handbook”

The perks don’t end with the offer letter. Leverage online technology in employee learning programs, and you can have your cake and eat it too. A mobile training platform gives employees 24/7, on-the-go access to content and employers a more skilled, engaged workforce. An added bonus? According to a 2001 eLearning study, two-thirds of people who took online courses at work would have rather taken that training at home…letting you optimize employees’ hours at work.

 Still not convinced? PMI’s survey found companies that incorporate an online talent management system increase their overall learning program satisfaction by 46 percent, as well as their satisfaction with training efficiency, effectiveness, thoroughness and quality.

 People matter

Technology is great, but it’s useless without great people. Phenomenal service is the key to foodservice success, so start by finding those service stars. Luckily, there are tech tools to help you do that too.

 Be sure to check out Part 2, coming soon, to see tech’s twist on traditional scheduling and engagement techniques.



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