PeopleMatter provides an all-in-one online HR software platform to help restaurants hire, train, schedule and communicate with great people.

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5 steps for keeping your restaurant from getting ICE'd

The US government has stepped up its immigration enforcement efforts in recent years, and all employers -- not just large ones, or ones that employ non-citizens -- are at risk of failing an audit.

Webinar to address pitfalls and perils of I-9 compliance

Webinar will help restaurant operators understand the importance of I-9 paperwork.

Webinar: Tricky I-9 Trends To Look Out For in 2015

Homeland Security isn’t just targeting the big businesses anymore…even small- to mid-sized businesses are under a watchful eye. Making sure every I-9 is accurately completed and verified can be a daunting task. And any and all mistakes could cost you, big time – in more ways than one.

Think like a coach: Train your team year-round

Restaurants must make time for training.

PeopleMatter teams up with NCR to streamline employee onboarding process

PeopleMatter has announced a new relationship with NCR. As part of the agreement, NCR’s Aloha POS and Back Office technology and the PeopleMatter Platform will be integrated to send employee data, real-time and bi-directionally, between the PeopleMatter Platform and NCR...

Webinar - Cash in on Hiring Tax Credits: How to get $1,200 back for 1 out of every 5 new hires

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 Tax deadlines got you down? This tax season (or September), start getting money back instead of giving it all away.

Webinar: Hire better. Reduce employee theft. Save thousands.

NOT hiring the wrong people is just as important as getting great ones.

Five ways to get the best out of Generation Y employees

Like the Baby Boomers before them, Gen Y employees will reshape the working world.

Webinar to explore hiring, employee theft

On Thursday, Feb. 20 at 2 p.m.

Case Study: Mary’s Pizza Shack

Download now to see how the PeopleMatter Platform helped Mary's Pizza Shack.

Case Study: Souper Salad

Download now to see how the PeopleMatter Platform helped Souper Salad.

Case Study: Star of the High Desert and Wiles’ Restaurants

Download to see how the PeopleMatter Platform helped Star of the High Desert.

Case Study: The Palm Restaurant Group

Download now to see how the PeopleMatter Platform helped The Palm Restaurant Group.

Bersin By Deloitte Recognizes PeopleMatter For Delivering Innovation (Press Release)

HR Software Provider Receives WhatWorks® Award

Case Study: Mad Greens-Inspired Eats

Download to see how the PeopleMatter Platform helped Mad Greens: -Ensure 100 percent compliance with automated workflows, -Improve candidate quality with pre-hire assessments, -Increase visibility, consistency and efficiency and -Streamline hiring and onboarding operations.

Case Study: Scotty's Brewhouse

Download to see how the PeopleMatter Platform helped Scotty's Brewhouse: -Improve compliance and efficiency, -Increase candidate quality with assessments, -Automate processes to fit its tech-savvy brand and -Reduce time-to-hire and turnover rates.

Case Study: Noodles

Download to see how the PeopleMatter Platform helped Noodles: -Reduce data-entry errors and omissions, -Increase payroll accuracy, -Improve employee engagement and -Optimize hiring and onboarding efficiency.

The Mobile Social Network

Attract and retain top service-industry talent with HR technology that appeals to an on-the-go, connected workforce. Discover compelling stats surrounding the mobile-social revolution and its driving forces that can help you make the case for Web-based solution investments to improve operations, communication and engagement in your business.

Turnover's Top Five Most Wanted

Turnover runs rampant in the service industry. It robs organizations of productivity, profit and high-performing talent. Learn more about each repeat offender, what to do in case of an encounter, and the potential retention reward with detailed profiles in PeopleMatter's "Turnover's Top Five 'Most Wanted'" eBook.

Keys to Keeping Today’s On-the-Go Workforce In the Loop: Part 1

Just fill out the form to access ‘Part 1’ of our four-part eBook, “Keys to Keeping Today’s On-the-Go Workforce In the Loop.” We’ll break down the basics of hourly workforce communication, including: -Where communication breaks down -Who all’s in the conversation -What everyone’s saying -How they’re getting the message across

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