Axis Purchasing

Much more than a Group Purchasing

Axis Purchasing offers you $19 multi-billion dollar group buying power for food, beverages and supplies without the restrictions of other organizations or the requirement to change distribution partners.

Our programs include manufacturing incentives, low contract pricing and a deep analysis of your purchases so you get more product options. You maintain complete control; keep your current distributor with no out of pocket expense.  Best of all we provide a complete satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you have a completely staffed purchasing department or not, the leverage of spend and scope of products always adds value. Our happy customers get appreciate our true value, not just cheap prices.

Manufacturing Incentives

Our portfolio of over 350 manufacturers of brand name products provides instant cash back.  We track your purchases electronically, match them to pre-negotiated national rebates programs and return cash to you every month.

Contract Pricing

With contract pricing, you get immediate savings reflected on your distributor invoice.  Match the contract pricing with manufacturer rebates and you gain a significant cost advantage.

Product Optimization

Having a partner with the expertise to understand product specifications and match them to quality alternative products in the market is essential.  With our expertise we find the right product with the highest quality and the optimum price to meet your supply needs.

What makes us different?

Control No change in distributor, No mandatory product list
Time - Immediate implementation, quick response, fast results.
Guaranteed Results - We are a business partner and prove ourselves every day.  If not completely satisfied, stop at any time.

Products and Services

Food Cost Management

Do you have the best product for your application? Are there other products with great quality at a better cost? How do you know? Axis Purchasing with extensive market knowledge will optimize your purchases and provide options that will increase quality and save money. Learn more »

Not Just Food

Axis Purchasing offers more than just food. You also get great support for: Ware washing and Chemicals, paper goods, disposable serving supplies, bathroom amenities, armored carrier services, maintenance supplies and more! Learn more »

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