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Ah, meatballs.  They are their own small-bites phenomenon, feeding a trend that’s been simmering across the nation’s menus.

With Burke fully cooked meatballs, you get delicious authenticity in a variety of flavors and sizes, giving you options for taking meatballs into bold new directions.  Ours are oven-baked, not fried, so the texture and flavor are just right for sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, you name it.  As close to your homemade as you’ll be able to find.

Reap the benefits of Burke Meatballs

  • Oven-baked, not fried, to lock in delicious flavor
  • Made from wholesome ingredients you would use in your own kitchen: premium quality beef and pork, whole eggs, Romano cheese, ricotta cheese, authentic spices and bread crumbs
  • Firm texture for a satisfying bite
  • Unique size options – small to large, round, flat or bias-sliced – for adding trendy and upscale signature items to the menu
  • Eye appealing, hand-rolled appearance without the time-consuming process

Products and Services

Burke Pepperoni

With its great taste and superior quality, our pepperoni makes your pizza special.  We promise better coverage, consistent flavor and less frustration.  Learn more »

Burke Cured Meats

Satisfy your customers’ hunger for the great taste of cured meats—bacon pieces, Canadian-style bacon, ham and salami.  Everybody loves the distinctive flavor or cured or smoked meats.  And you’ll love serving them. Learn more »

Burke Chicken

Chicken is so versatile.  It works beautifully in better-for-you pizzas, and it combines well with complex global and ethnic flavors. Learn more »

Burke Mexican-Style Meats

Make the Burke family of meats the soul of your Mexican dish.  Start with Burke fully cooked Mexican-style meats, and you can create a realm of great-tasting, south-of-the-border dishes efficiently.            Learn more »
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