Set yourself up for success with the highest rated Pizza POS in the industry. Revention POS features:

Easiest Order Entry: The easiest order entry module available. Revention’s customizable order interface allows for order entry to flow according to your needs. The intuitive menu editor allows you to quickly and easily modify your order interface as needed. 

Discounting Features: Revention is able to configure almost any pricing configuration you desire: Second-item pricing, Time pricing, Price by order type, Half/half pricing, and Delivery modifiers - Just to name a few. It’s a fine line between offering a great value and producing a loss. It’s imperative that your system will handle and record discounts correctly 100% of the time.

Customer Database Management: Allows you to track your best customers and reward them for their loyalty. Turn first time customers into loyal repeat customers. It assimilates, aggregates and optimizes every performance aspect of your business and some you haven’t even thought of yet. The Customer Database grants you access to everything you want to know about your customers at will.

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Marketing Features: Afternoon slow? Send out a targeted blast and reel in some nearby potential customers. Or, ping some loyal customers you haven’t seen in a while and invite them in for your latest special. Wouldn’t you like to see every customer within a given zip code that has ordered a large pizza but never ordered an appetizer? Revention possesses the most robust marketing suite on the POS market, allowing you to reach your customers directly from your system.


Delivery/Catering: Revention’s robust delivery management module allows you to map orders, generate marketing materials for first-time customers, dispatch and re-assign delivery runs, view statistics, maps, directions, delivery reminders and more! Delivery and catering are both lucrative revenue streams when properly managed.

Menu Management: Update your menus on the fly - whether a matter of inventory or cost. Go from Breakfast to Lunch to Dinner without a hitch. Our menu management features make keeping your menu, pricing, and item availability up to date and accurate at all times. With easy to use menu editing and alternate menus, Revention keeps you in control of your menu.

Inventory/Food Costing: Provides up-to-date inventory counts 24 hours a day, allowing you to track every ingredient in your restaurant’s recipes. Track food cost, minimize waste, require counts at the interval of your choice, and track supply purchases.

Real Time Analysis: We love this feature. It makes your eyes light up and words like ‘No Way’ come out of your mouth. In this business, now is better than later because you want and need to know right now how your business is performing. On the dashboard of our system, you will see real time key business metrics, giving you the information you need to run your business day-to-day.

Email Reports: Set yourself up with end-of-the-day reports on how every facet of your business ran that day. What were the hot sellers? Who were the top performers? Who was best at up selling? Create customized report packages to simplify close-day processes by running all required reports at the touch of a button.

Kitchen Management: Things move too fast in a kitchen for there to be time to think about much else than kitchen stuff. With Revention’s kitchen management solution, you know what needs ordering, reordering, or scaling back. Supplies can be auto ordered in conjunction with your Real Time Inventory feature. Our kitchen display systems and printers allow the best options for customized printing, organization of orders, and time management to ensure keeping the heart of your business pumping away.

Labor System: Revention knows your employees are an extension of your business. Our system informs you of virtually every performance behavior to help you make intelligent and timely decisions regarding your work force. You already have enough responsibilities without adding babysitting the staff to your list.

Security/Theft Controls: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of all employees steal at least once, and that half of these steal repeatedly. One of every three business failures are the direct result of employee theft. Forging receipts, hiding receipts, bogus returns, partnering with friends, voids after check close, comps after check close, and comps after check print are common theft methods. Revention has the tools you need to identify potential theft, and provides the support data you need to end it. 

Products and Services

Mobile Ordering

HungerRush™ will create a custom iPhone and Droid application for your specific concept; mobile app sends orders directly to your Revention POS. Learn more »

Facebook Ordering

Revention’s Facebook integration with online ordering platform HungerRush allows restaurants to offer Facebook users a new way to order food online – from their FB account. Learn more »

Call Center Ordering

HungerRush™ Customer Communication Center (C3) is a call center solution designed to allow your call center agents to send orders directly to your stores using the C3 online portal. Learn more »

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