• Kiosk Branding

    Kiosks are increasingly becoming an accepted part of the retail environment, but a kiosk's message is more than just the service it provides.
  • Kiosks: The Complete Story on ROI

    The value of investing in a kiosk network deployment depends in large part on the return on that investment. Learn the revenue potential of a kiosk network and the factors a deployer needs to …
  • Four Strategies for Kiosk Application Design

    For a successful kiosk deployment, it's important that the application design be intuitive and easy to use. A kiosk application that is too complicated or inconsistent will drive customers away …
  • Self-Checkout

    Self-checkout has revolutionized retail by putting the “last mile” of the transaction in the hands of the shopper. In this exclusive guide, you will learn how this technology can improve the …
  • Full-Service Custom Kiosk Provider

    At Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc. we offer over 78 years of in-store marketing and retail experience. As a proven leader in the industry, our custom kiosk enclosures and interactive displays have set …
  • Kiosk Management Software for Large-Scale Kiosk Deployments

    Keeping kiosk software running smoothly is crucial to the success of a kiosk deployment. This task becomes more difficult when the kiosk deployment is on a large scale. Remote management software can …
  • Human Resources Kiosks

    HR kiosks are helping employers and employees streamline HR functions, such as recruiting or managing benefits. But to be successful, the issues of implementation and security need to be addressed.
  • Webinar: Planning and justifying an HR kiosk deployment

    Self-service can revolutionize your HR department, and you'll learn how in this exclusive webinar.
  • The Benefits of Retail Kiosks

    Few industries stand to gain more from self-service than retail. Learn how to get the most from kiosks and other digital merchandising technologies.
  • How to Select the Right Display for Your Kiosk Project

    How well will your end-users perceive your kiosk? The right display is key.
  • Self-service payments speed lines at Miss. casino

    With a self-service split-tender application developed by NEXTEP, IP Casino Resort Spa improved patron experience, cut expenses and reduced wait times for patrons at the food and beverage line.
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