Ed Zimmerman / Ed Zimmerman is a pizza industry veteran and President of The Food Connector. His almost four decades of foodservice experience includes food manufacturing and distribution leadership, food industry technology, marketing services and restaurant and grocery operations management.
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NYC soda ban update

The ability to target one specific category, especially when comparable products like sugary coffee drinks have more calories, gives lawmakers too much power.

The minimum wage debate

When government policies lead to reduced employment and motivation, everyone loses.

The return of factory life and pizza

The return of jobs to America means restaurant sales should go up; take advantage of the pendulum's swing.

Foodservice learning from the Fancy Food Show

Gluten-free remains a hot trend, while others are just now emerging, such as coconut flavor and salty/sweet combos.

Clean restaurants build customers' confidence

Consumers consistently site dirty bathrooms as the primary reason for not returning to restaurants.

Making your business successful in 2013

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R Holidays can be a mixed blessing. Even during the best of economic times, "The Holidays" pose daunting pressures to see all of our friends and family, attend all...

Red food - Blue food

Is expressing politics worth risking customers?

It's OK to fire 'bad' customers

In my days as a wholesale baker, I had a customer in Washington, D.C., who ran five high-volume delis. To obtain his business, I had to cut my margin to the bone. He was a bully.

An industry of choice again

The industry must improve the overall offer to prospective employees; pay, benefits, working conditions and schedules in order to attract quality workers.

The great bacon shortage

Meat prices will rise next year; keep your customers aware, manage your menu prices and promote items that use less animal protein.

Pass the baked potatoes

Will NYC's ban on large sodas lead to more regulations against the restaurant industry?

Waking up at 40,000 feet

Targeting young people online seems logical but older Americans have embraced technology, too, and want the benefits and ease of new devices and services.

What I learned working in a kitchen

You got in the hospitality business to make your home your guest's home, treat them well and they will tell their friends.

Good food, good service, fair prices

With gas prices rising, consumers will be extra mindful where they spend their money, so this is a good time to go back to basics and take care of your guests.

Jobs, consumer confidence & pizza

Help out with any positive economics news; it will boost consumer confidence and help your business.

Thoughts for 2012

Using words like artisanal, heirloom or sustainable will give you a marketing edge.

We've always done it this way

The market will be significantly different just three years from now; you have to change with it.

Food stamps in foodservice

The foodservice industry can do more to help with hunger in America.

What’s in a Brand?

The pizza industry is so focused on coupons, promotions and LTO's that we drive consumers to look for more for less.

There's nothing to eat

Meny labeling, while it began with good intentions, sets up the restaurant industry for disciplinary action.

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