10 x 10 deal promises pizza in 10 seconds

Jan. 14, 2007
HILO, Ha. — To celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of Big Island Pizza, Jim and Joy King launched a 10 x 10 deal which includes a pizza served in 10 seconds for $10. According to a news release, the quick-meal deal is served daily from 4:30-6 p.m.
"We have a person on the sidewalk with a 'Ready Now' sign that reads, 'Large Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza Ready Now! $9.60 + tax,'" said Jim King. The employee is dressed in an attention-getting pizza costume created by Joy.
Customers drive up to the curb, pay, receive their pizza and are gone in 10 seconds. During a two-month test market of the 10 x 10, Big Island Pizza sold more than 1,000 pizzas.
King's vision was to offer customers savings and convenience, but the idea took off from there.
"People tell us they would not have had pizza tonight, but they saw the big pizza walking around and the employees with the signs so they decided to stop and have pizza," King said. "We even have customers that get so involved with the idea that they help our employees, waving to passersby. Tourists stop and want their pictures taken with the big pizza. All the employees want to be the pizza dude, so there is no shortage of fun."
Big Island's menu features 18 vegetarian and gourmet pizzas, along with traditional pizza.

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