68% of Super Bowl watchers choose pizza, says Domino's

Jan. 24, 2005

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — On Super Bowl Sunday, widely believed to be the busiest day in the U.S. pizza industry, Domino's Pizza anticipates selling more than 1.2 million pizzas — 42 percent more than on a typical Sunday.

According to a news release, the chain surveyed more than 1,500 American adults last December to learn their pizza preferences. Among their findings:

* Sixty-eight percent of football fans make pizza their choice for a game-day meal.

* Sixty-three percent said pepperoni is their favorite topping, while 36 percent favored sausage. Fifty-nine percent said combining the two is ideal.

* During football games, respondents are more likely to order pizza before a game starts (65 percent) as opposed to halftime (27 percent) or between games (8 percent).

* Thirty-five percent of respondents eat about three slices of pizza per game, while 2 percent say they eat a whole pizza.

* Women are more likely to eat two to three slices per game (80 percent, compared to 39 percent of men), while men eat at least four slices (58 percent say they eat four or more slices, compared to 15 percent of women).

* According to Domino's sales stats, sales increase if the game is competitive. Also, sales in the winning team's hometown are greater than in the losing team's town.

* Domino's drivers will cover up to 4 million miles on Super Bowl Sunday — in the United States alone.

* 1.2 million pizza boxes would cover every NFL stadium field — goal line-to-goal line, sideline to sideline, and there would still be enough to cover three more fields.

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