Agency sees more regulations for foodservice ahead

Dec. 16, 2008
Los Angeles Times: The Center for Science in the Public Interest predicts that more regulations for the food service industry may be ahead under the Obama administration. State and local governments have been demonstrating increasing concern about the growing costs of diabetes and obesity.
Proponents of more oversight of what and how the nation eats want to see the Food and Drug Administration split into two agencies, with one focusing on food and the other on drugs and medical devices.
Recent legislation affecting foodservice across the country includes:
  • New York City, Philadelphia and California have banned trans fats.
  • California, New York City and other communities have passed laws forcing chain restaurants to list calorie counts, and more than a dozen states and numerous cities are pondering such legislation.
  • Some local health departments want the federal government to reclassify salt as a food additive in order to pave the way for greater regulation.

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