Android may be next best pizza ordering platform

March 31, 2010
Before developers and restaurant operators invent the next generation of pizza delivery and ordering apps, they should probably be aware of the ever-changing adoption and abandon rates among the top echelon of smart phones.
For example, many BlackBerry users are starting to abandon their phones for more interactive handhelds like iPhones, according to online market research by Crowd Science and reported in MarketWatch.
Among the report findings: Almost 40 percent of BlackBerry owners with expiring contracts were ready to jump to iPhones. About a third said they might get an Android phone. And the latter two smart phone owners were both much more brand loyal than the BlackBerry defectors.
But Android users may have the highest loyalty rate of all, though they fall behind in amount of apps: Android has roughly a third of iPhone's more than 150,000 applications, but they're adding new titles quickly. 
From the story:
However, Apple zealots who unleash a fervent hatred for opposing teams may have met their indignant match. While 15% of iPhone users "definitely or probably would not" recommend an Android device, a whopping 45% of Android users would never dare give Steve Jobs' baby a thumbs up. Whether that's a product of outsider's scorn or buyer's remorse, the study didn't pose the question.

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