Asian teen wins Dubai pizza-eating contest

June 24, 2002

DUBAI, UAE -- A 13-year-old boy emerged victorious from a field of 20 competitors fighting for pizza-eating supremacy during the Dubai Summer Surprises eating competition.

According to Gulf News, the Asian teen, Rana, ate nine large slices of thin crust vegetarian Pizza Marguerita in 30 minutes.

Though quite a feat, the lad's achievement doesn't compare with the frightening gluttony of last year's winner. Joey Navarro, an ex-commando trainer and physical education instructor, devoured 33 slices -- the equivalent of more than four pan pizzas.

The belly-busting battle was held at a mall and under the glare of Dubai and Asian network television cameras.

Designed to offer a diversion for food lovers in Dubai, the event also raised funds for the Sheikh Mohammed Charity Foundation. Competitors were sponsored by family, friends and/or companies.

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