Battered pizza delivery driver vows to return to work

June 11, 2003

BRISTOL, Ct. -- Pizza delivery driver Carl Ristow had a bad feeling about a car that followed him during a run on the night of June 9.

According to the Hartford Courant, the vehicle tailed Ristow for several blocks before pulling behind him as he parked in the driveway of his delivery destination. When Ristow stepped out of his car, two men got out of the car behind him and asked what Ristow called "stupid questions" about where he worked.

As one man circled him, he turned to look at him and was punched by the other and knocked to the ground. The man then began kicking him in the face.

"The funny thing about it is, when I screamed, he screamed -- as if to mimic me," Ristow told the Courant. "I think it was one sick person who was doing this."

Forty-one-year-old Ristow wears glasses and tried to shield his face from the kicks, but still received four stitches over one eye, which is now swollen shut.

Alerted to the attack by Ristow's screams, residents shouted at the two men, who then raced to their car and headed down a dead-end street. Witnesses then said the men sped back as residents ran out to aid Ristow.

As soon as the swelling over his eye recedes, Ristow said he's "definitely going back" to work at the pizzeria where he's worked for five years.

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