Driver reimbursement at heart of complaint filed against Pizza Hut in Calif. court ... UPDATED

Aug. 18, 2004

LOS ANGELES — Pizza Hut Inc., and former franchisee RLLW, Inc., are being sued by a delivery driver accusing the chain of reimbursing him improperly for automobile expenses related to his work.

Driver Franklin Castillo is the key plaintiff named in the seven-count complaint, though an estimated 500 to 1,000 drivers could join him in what may become a class action against the chain.

According to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by PizzaMarketplace, Castillo accuses Pizza Hut of the following:

* Inadequate reimbursement for the use of drivers' personal vehicles for pizza delivery.

* Failure to pay employees adequate wages for scheduled shifts cut short due to lack of business.

* Misleading customers by failing to regularly pay delivery drivers mandatory delivery fees charged to Pizza Hut customers.

* Failure to provide consistent paid meal and rest breaks during schedule shifts.

The suit states that based on calculations from the American Automobile Association, drivers should be paid a minimum $1.56 per run to cover the use of their personal vehicles for pizza delivery. Pizza Hut's corporate store policy is to pay drivers 50 cents per run.

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